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Luxury Spanish House Design Ideas Contemporary Styles

This is Spanish house design ideas from James Glower for your house remodeling inspiration. This is absolutely modern Spanish house design combine with classic traditional styles. Here it is best sample Spanish home design photos gallery with luxury and contemporary styles for your inspiration.

luxury spanish interior design ideas
luxury spanish interior design ideas

luxury spanish interior decorating
luxury spanish interior decorating

luxury spanish house interior
luxury spanish house interior

luxury spanish home interior layouts
luxury spanish home interior layouts

classic spanish house design
classic spanish house design

Office Interior Designers

Interior designers often enter a home armed with a veritable arsenal of creativity and subcontracted resources. In many cases, the secondary services a decorator brings in under his or her invoice adds a certain specialized expertise to robust d├ęcor. Professional lighting equipment and lighting design services are crucial to this mix. With the right levels of light, both glare and shadow are dispelled, and the texture and color of artwork springs to light.

Phantom Lighting Representatives, located throughout North America, Central America, and South America, are available to help the interior designer utilize some of the world’s most unique and aesthetically superb lighting equipment on the market.

If you are currently working with an interior decorator or interior design firm, we recommend you point them in our direction if they encounter any of the following scenarios relative to fine art and display lighting systems. While a great many interior designers are already working with Phantom Lighting products, many are still discovering us for the first time.

Your interior designer will most likely recommend new artwork as part of his or her overall plan for creating a new look within your home.

Private art collections can transform an interior into a realm of sophistication with very little physical change to the room. The trick is to find equipment from a lighting fixture manufacturer that will maximize the impact of your new collection without damaging the artwork itself or interfering with general room lighting. Any interior designer will tell you that the two biggest aesthetic obstacles to overcome when lighting art are shadows and glare. Any curator or experienced collector will also add that the greatest technological threat to art lighting is ultraviolet radiation and infrared heat—both of which can literally destroy priceless works of creativity and many hours of hard work on the part of your designers.

Office Room Designs

Tired of finding colored pictures among your invoices? Have you ever discovered random lego pieces among your inventory? If so, you must own a home business, and you must be working from anywhere in the house but your very own office. So you need a home office. How does a home business owner move successfully from the living room to the office?

First, the home business owner needs to establish his or her own space for an office. Find a spare room or a room you can easily concert into an office. Even a corner of the garage will do for a first-time home business owner. Remember to start small and invest little at the beginning, and then when you can afford it, you can build or create the office of your dreams. If you do not have your own space, however, you will be doomed forever to finding peanut butter smeared on important documents, and you will sacrifice the professional look that you need to exude to have a successful home business.

modern office furniture san fransisco.jpg

Secondly, once you have your space chosen and established, organize your goods. Invest in some organizational materials like shelves (cheap from the hardware store), categorizing materials like labels and sharpies, colored boxes, and a filing cabinet. Once you know what you need for organizational materials and invest in them, organize your office with two frames of mind: organize it so that it makes sense to you, and organize so that if something should happen to you and those you love most would need to find important documents quickly, they would be able to. So your system should not just make sense to you, but it should make sense to just about anyone. It should be simple enough that your fifth grader can understand it.

Modern Interior Design

Interior design is a profession with a long standing tradition. Everything from office buildings to private homes has been created using various design principles to give a wonderful, lasting impression of beauty and art. When considering how to redesign any interior space it is important to consider just what type of style you will incorporate into the plans right from the beginning. One of the most popular design aspects that has been used for many decades is known as art deco.Initially art deco was used as a purely decorative style of design and was very popular during the 1920’s and into the late 1930’s. Back then it was viewed as functional, elegant as well as being ultra modern. Art deco is an extremely eclectic style, drawing influences from a variety of different sources. Some of them are considered primitive like Egyptian and African, even Aztec Mexico. Other include streamlined technology like aviation. Binding together with techniques routed in Cubism and Futurism, art deco has a wide range of functionality and expressiveness. A home decorator using this style can be free to do a huge variety of different things in the interior of a space.The type of materials used in art deco interior design consist of stainless steel, lacquer, aluminum, inlaid wood, even sharkskin and zebra skin. Stemming from this use of harder, metallic materials is the celebration of the machine age. Art deco does this through the repetitive use of these man-made materials and also through symmetry. During the Great Depression the use of art deco saw its heyday because of its practicality and simplicity.

modern office furniture san fransisco.jpg
contemporary office environments california.jpg
contemporary office interior design.jpg
corporate office interior design.jpg
corporate office interior design and accessories.jpg
modern board room interior.jpg
modern corporate office interior decorating.jpg
modern corporate office interior design.jpg
modern gym and workout facilities corporate offices.jpg
modern office environments and furnishings.jpg
modern office environments california.jpg
modern offices and workplace interiors.jpg
wall art corporate offices interior design.jpg
office furniture and modern corporate interior.jpg
reception desk and lobby design.jpg
ultra modern corporate offices and interiors.jpg

Interior Design Company

When most people move into a new home, there is some changes that they want to make. The rules of interior design are especially powerful when it comes to the ladies of the house who can walk through any home and easily spot furniture that needs to be moved and cabinets that need refacing. The entire idea behind interior design is to make the home that you have purchased your own. It stands to reason because you are living in a home that was built by someone else and their style may not be yours. Interior design and home improvement is the way to go.

Most people consider home improvement to be a daunting task, which it can be if you go to extremes. Those who attempt to completely renovate their entire home at once are faced with a multitude of problems that are associated with having to move furniture and other items out of the way so the interior design process can take place. For others, it is easier to do a little bit at a time to make sure that each project gets completed with the minimum of hassle and interruption to daily life.

One of the easiest things to start with when it comes to interior design and home improvement is cabinet refacing. Cabinets that you are going to reface will not interrupt the day to day activities as other type projects can and will when doing home improvement. To reface cabinets it is best to start with the doors as they simple to remove and take to a workshop or basement. When you reface you are basically just changing the tone of the wood that is used for design of the cabinets. This is done most times because the color or tone does not fit with the new furniture that has been purchased. This is a common practice among existing home buyers who want to create their own personal style.

Office Interior Architecture

Office interior design should be able to reflect the corporation's goals and dynamism. Potential clients must be able to sense that this company, just like the furniture it uses in the office, means business. The clients should also be kept in mind in all stages of office interior design.

On the other hand, office interior design is at the same time fun because you'll finally have free rein in bringing life to the place where you work day in and day out.

The modernistic style is most commonly used in office interior design. This is because it showcases a sense of being dynamic, progressive, and always updated with the latest trends. Definitely, no client wants to deal with a company whose office still houses '70s furniture!

Modernistic themes give great appeal, too, because the lines are sleek and clean, giving the impressions of smartness and sharpness. The office interior design banking on modernistic themes somehow entices the client to join a company that is moving towards the future.


With the internet becoming more and more prevalent in today’s society, it comes as no surprise that many people now have the ability to work form home. You are one of those people, and have allotted a room in your house as your office space. However, the room is rather bare at the moment, and you want to liven up your work space.

The first thing that you need to think about is the primary use of your home office. For example, will it be the kind of place that you have clients come in to visit? Or, will it be the kind of place that you use just for yourself? This will make a difference in the overall theme.

If you are going to have clients in it, you will, of course, need to choose a design that is professional. Thus, you should allot a certain area of your area to a couch or a couple of plush chairs, along with a coffee table and reading materials. Ideally, leather is the most professional look for this area.

Regardless of whether or not you will be having clients , you should make the atmosphere as comfortable as possible. For example, what is one thing that you notice? If you answered fish tanks, then you have the right answer! Why are there fish tanks in so many offices? The answer is that it is relaxing to watch the fish, and it is also a stylish addition.

Thus, you should consider having a fish tank as well. If, however, you do not want to deal with the upkeep of having one, you can also consider something in the same area, such as a waterfall. However, while this office interior design is a great way to make your home office more interesting, make sure the sounds are not distracting you from your work!

The most important section of any home office is the workstation itself. You will need a desk that can comfortably accommodate your PC as well as files and other important supplies. However, make sure that the desk is not so large that it takes up the majority of the room. You can find office workstations at your local furniture store.

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Hunian Anti/Tahan Banjir

Merancang Hunian Tahan Banjir
BERITA - - BANYAK pertimbangan ketika seseorang ingin memiliki rumah. Salah satunya adalah terhindar dari banjir. Walaupun sekarang curah hujan tidak terlalu tinggi, tapi kita harus tetap waspada.

Faktor-faktor seperti cuaca hujan bukan merupakan kasus khusus di Indonesia, karena Indonesia adalah negara tropis dengan tingkat curah hujan tinggi. Terutama di daerah kota-kota besar seperti Jakarta, yang dibagi 13 sungai, adalah pengalaman berpotensi banjir.

Jadi, bagaimana jika Anda tinggal di kota-kota besar seperti Jakarta, yang dikhawatirkan akan banjir setiap tahun? "Aspek perencanaan awal sebuah bangunan peran penting. Perencanaan adalah mutlak dilakukan ketika mereka ingin membangun rumah," kata Raja Simatupang arsitek lansekap. Baginda menyarankan, kami mencoba untuk tidak membangun rumah di daerah rawan banjir.

Oleh karena itu, Anda harus mengenali sistem ekologi sekitar kawasan hunian Anda. "Rancang fondasi bangunan yang lebih tinggi, setidaknya 40-50 cm di atas jalan depan rumah Anda," saran arsitek I Gde Hendra Prasetya.

Membedakan ketinggian rumah adalah mudah jika rumah Anda masih dalam tahap awal pembangunan. Namun, apa yang terjadi jika rumah itu dirancang tanpa persiapan untuk banjir? Menaikkan ketinggian lantai jadi solusi terakhir, tapi dihitung jarak langit-langit. Cobalah untuk tidak terlalu dekat dengan kepala laki-laki, dewasa.

Menaikkan lantai interior pintu masuk memiliki konsekuensi dari ketinggian yang berbeda sehingga Anda mau tak mau harus membuat langkah-langkah kecil. "Atau bisa juga meninggikan rumah dimulai dari area depan pagar," kata Hendra.
Namun, alternatif ini lebih mahal karena penambahan ketinggian dilakukan secara keseluruhan. Dengan kata lain, lanskap taman akan berubah sama sekali.

Cara lain adalah jauh lebih mudah dan efisien dengan membuat blokade di teras. Ini harus menjadi pilihan terakhir atau untuk tanggap darurat (sementara) saja. Karena trik ini kurang nilai estetika, keindahan fasad akan berkurang, dan tampak aneh.

Trik berikutnya yang lebih estetis adalah dengan membuat kolam hias di taman depan. Namun, trik yang satu ini hanya dapat mengatasi banjir cahaya. Cobalah untuk membuat kolam yang lebih dalam dan luas sehingga dapat menampung lebih banyak air melimpah. Risiko, Anda kesulitan memindahkan ikan hias Anda saat banjir datang.

Hendra sendiri menyarankan untuk merenovasi total, menaikkan lantai dengan penambahan ketinggian plafon. Selain rumah tidak terlihat pendek, suhu ruangan masih dingin.

Namun, apa yang bisa saya lakukan jika banjir sudah menjadi tamu tak diundang di hunian Anda. Karena rumah dibangun setinggi apa pun, tetap saja banjir akan mengganggu kenyamanan Anda. Mau tak mau, Anda harus mengakali pemilihan interior dan furniture yang dapat "bekerja sama" dengan Anda agar tetap siap menghadapi musim hujan dan banjir.

Ada beberapa langkah sederhana yang dapat Anda lakukan. "Sederhana solusi adalah untuk menciptakan sebuah sumur tangkapan di arearumah atau sekitar lingkungan Anda," kata Raja.

Hal yang sama juga diungkapkan bahwa Hendra adalah contractorasal umum Bali. Namun, sekali lagi Anda harus memperhatikan lingkungan, apakah tangkapan dapat dibuat dengan baik. "Tapi, jika Anda posisi daerah rumah Anda di bawah jalan, percuma juga," katanya.

Lain yang dapat Anda lakukan adalah untuk menanam tanaman selain rumput. Jadi dalam merancang sebuah rumah, Anda harus meninggalkan daerah hijau untuk resapan air.

Salah satu peran penting tanaman ketika musim hujan adalah tanaman bambu. Pohon bambu dapat menyerap sejumlah besar air yang dapat berfungsi sebagai penyangga (drag). "Coba bayangkan, batang bambu dengan diameter sekitar tiga milimeter bisa tumbuh satu meter dalam 24 jam, tapi bambu tumbuh," jelas Raja.

Jika rumah Anda sudah banjir dan bagian rumah yang rusak, Anda jangan ragu untuk berkonsultasi dengan kontraktor. Setelah semua, Anda masih harus berkonsultasi dengan kontraktor berkaitan dengan renovasi akan dilakukan.

"Dibandingkan dengan pekerjaan mereka sendiri memakan waktu dan biaya lebih, kontraktor akan tahu lebih baik daripada aspek teknis dan detail," kata Hendra. (Koran SI / SI Surat Kabar / tty)
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Desain Minimalis Rumah

Desain Minimalis Rumah Tinggal Lantai 2 terdiri dari 2 dan 1 Kamar Tidur Pembantu dengan luas tanah 129 m2 dan 160 m2 bangunan.
Sentuhan model minimalis modern dalam bentuk kotak yang bangunan yang pernah menjadi bayangan matahari dan tempias hujan dan mencegah serta balkon.
Penggunaan bahan batu alam andesit susun sirih dengan potongan dari 4 x 40 cm diletakkan di depan fasade lantai 1.
Pemilihan warna cat abu-abu dan cenderung kombinasi warna oranye, dan ungu.
Desain Lengkap:
October 2008 by ciptagraha.
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design that would be more beautiful when combined with good lighting arrangements of modern lighting

Colacril has presented a new tub that is part of the design project - Atmosphere by Romano Adolini. The tub was impressed with the simple shape and really minimalist design that would be more beautiful when combined with good lighting arrangements of modern lighting. With geometric shapes as possible to save space and can be placed as central in the bathroom near the wall. Combination polished like the exterior and interior matte and smooth, and unique lighting of a lamp in the corner of the room makes it very beautiful and able to decorate a modern bathroom. This minimalist bath made of ecological materials and the product itself polymineral presents a real health.
Lighting lamps must use a soft white light or using direct sunlight during the day. [via]
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woodsy Norway Summer Getaway

While this is technically more than a room of the house, I was eager for this secluded, woodsy Norway Summer Getaway. Part of the attraction is the location, of course. Located in the 170-kilometer-long Hardanger Fjord, this area is filled with beautiful scenery of reason, with waterfalls, glaciers, gardens, fields, and mountains to choose from. I can imagine filling the nights long summer with a bike or kayak trip is interrupted by a cold reduction in the fjord and followed with a glass of Aquavit in this modern deck.
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