Monday, April 19, 2010

Minimalist Home with Unique Open Concept Design

Minimalist Home with Unique Open Concept Design

Minimalist Home Designs: CEBRA architect recently completed a house in Danish with a minimalist black and white profile exterior. Sinus's house hoping to have intended to incorporate the large glass area and saw the desire for privacy.

Minimalist House Design

The rooms in the house is conceived as an independent box which together form the central area to live with: Kitchen, family room and living room. Bedroom with own bathroom and toilet is one independent unit. Opposite the bedroom for two rooms placed end to end. Between the rooms there is a break, which can be used by children or adults that you like, or can be used as a third space.

The house appears as a dark mass with a white or cuttings pleatings - almost corresponds to cutting a piece of apple. Surface consists of a dark house with a covered roof and wall pieces and feel of gray bricks and joints dark shiny anthracite. Twigs covered with white plaster and painted.

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