Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Minimalist House Plan Design by Craftsman

Simple and minimalist design house plans directly from the many houses have been built.

This has been one of the most popular of the Craftsman home design and shown here has been slightly modified from the plan first, modifications and improvements that have been suggested by different people who have built homes, so they are all very valuable as a result of practical experience. Although the picture shows the patch walls and foundations of field stone, the design lends itself quite as easily to a wall of brick or stone, or even for shingles or clapboards, if a wooden house as desired.

Outside the kitchen at the back is only recommended if the house built in this country, because in that city would not be necessary. In such a farmhouse outside the kitchen because it affords the easiest place for outdoor work such as laundry and ironing, canning, preserving and other tasks much less tedious if done in the open. The position of the chimney at the rear of the house to allow the stove to be placed on the porch he was to use it. This house was designed so that the kitchen in the vicinity may be added to or removed, as desired, without making any difference to the overall plan. Plan of the lower story shows the composition of ordinary open Craftsman houses. The entrance opens into the small entries are filtered from the living room by portieres weight, so no draft from the front door is felt on the inside.

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Home design interior: Outside the living room wall is a fireplace and bookshelves settings, as shown in the picture. A large table was placed in the middle, settle for it by coming back and facing the fire.
Floor Plans minimalist home design

Floor Plans simple home design

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